Mark Schroder, ilab alumni, now saving lives with SurfSpeak

Mark Schroder was a founder in ilab’s 3rd Germinate accelerator program where he and his co-founder built Parking Maestro which was a system to make sure you never experience a parking fine again.  Following that experience, and while maintaining his role at The University of Queensland, Mark has kept his entrepreneurial passion active.  His latest venture, Surfspeak, is in a very different area  looking to keep Australians beaches safe for the large number of international tourists.  A simple, no tech solution to a big need.

In its very first weekend, SurfSpeak was used to help at least 18 people in its first trial session at Surfers Paradise beach, including 12 Indian men who were pulled from the surf.

Some nice coverage on the ABC as well.

Nice one Mark!  Bona fide serial entrepreneur..