GenomicOS computing platform will let scientists perform genome assembly, variant discovery, sequence alignment, pattern recognition and data sharing. It overcomes the burden on scientists to have computer programming skills and affords them full genomic analysis in “2-clicks”. Our novel distributed cloud computing technology is 10X faster and solves existing deficiencies in processing high volume data. Together with the “2-click” web interface it provides on-demand genomic analysis scalable to google capacity.

Our current beachhead strategy commercialises our genome assembly service, which solves the previously intractable limiting factor of using genomes cost-effectively in personalized medicine.

  • Industry: Biotechnology
  • Founders: Daniel Barry Ph.D., Khim Denson BSc, BEnvPlan
  • Website:
  • Contact details:, +61 410 559 650
October 14, 2015
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