Mobi Insights

MOBI INSIGHTS is a data analytics and insights company for the real estate industry and our mission is to empower real estate agents with data. Selling Real Estate is a competitive game and for agents, making their next sale is a constant challenge. However, where their real difficulties lie is in matching buyers to their dream homes. As more data becomes available, discerning buyers want more and more information about their properties that meet their individual priorities, preferences, and interests before they commit to purchase.

“At MOBI INSIGHTS, we are gathering vast volumes of information relevant to properties and their locations and bring all the relevant data into one place. We analyse the data to create meaningful insights about individual properties for agents – doing the research for them. We then provide agents a unique way to communicate their property highlights to buyers via personalised property reports that are tailored to individual buyer personas. Not only this, but we analyse buyer engagement with these reports giving agents insights into potential buyer interest.¬†With these agents are more equipped to have better conversations with more interested buyers, thereby, leading to faster sales and higher property turnover.”