Billie Kirkley

Billie is a specialist in execution from building digital start-ups to digital customer experience including rapid viral marketing across a broad range of media distribution channels. In the past years he has found millions new customers for public brands like P.W.C. , Time Warner, Audi, Landrover and has recently helped some of the worlds rising start-ups pitch and raise $42 million dollars (and counting).

In 2014 while studying at MIT Sloan Business School, Billy formed part of the the winning team of the MIT Global Entrepreneur Competition.

Apart from mastering the art of drinking two cups of coffee at the same time, his other passion is running a YouTube Partner network of over 100 channels that generates over 100 million views a month. On his days off he’s learning how to swim (Not drown) run (Not walk) and & ride (Not collide with bus)