Bob Waldie

Bob describes himself as “an aging serial entrepreneur”. He has an impressive track record of successful entrepreneurship with open-source ventures. His most recent venture is Opengear, an ilab graduate company, which designs and manufactures products that monitor the ICT equipment in computer rooms and data centres.

Prior to co-founding Opengear, Bob served as CEO then Chairman of Snap Gear, a leading developer of embedded Linux security appliances. In 2003 Snap Gear was acquired by CyberGuard (NASDQ: CGFW). Before this he was CEO of Moreton Bay Ventures, a company he founded in 1996 which developed Internet messaging products.

In 2000, Moreton Bay was acquired by Lineo Inc, where Bob served as COO in the USA. Prior to Moreton Bay, Bob was Managing Director of Stallion Technologies, a pioneering remote connectivity company he co-founded in 1985. Bob has participated in a host of other start-ups, and served on the board of a number of private and public technology companies, as well as government industry bodies.