Ian Connor

Ian Connor, entrepreneur and founder of Pubget USA, and acquired in 2012.

Ian spent the past 13 years in Boston, MA working for various companies before co-founding Pubget, a search engine for scientific publications.  Pubget emerged from co-founder Ramy Arnaout’s need for quick and easy access to scientific research. That need, along with a lot of hard work and a few pivots thanks to their other co-founder Ryan Jones (formerly of Fast acquired by Microsoft), led to the launch of a budding startup. In 2008, the Pubget search engine became active in institutions such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Massachusetts General Hospital. By 2011, Pubget was activated in over 200 institutions, the majority of the worlds largest pharma companies. Pubget was acquired by Copyright Clearance Center in January 2012. Prior to pubget, Ian worked for Iris Associates and later IBM in Boston. Ian studied Physics and Math at the Queensland University of Technology in a 5 year double degree with law, which he obtained in 1997. Ian recently moved back to Brisbane and is now looking for his next venture.