Mark Bathie

Currently CTO in US.  Mark was founder of CVSDude, exited successfully after 10 years.  Previously ilab Entrepreneur-in-Residence.  Mark has been adviser a couple of QLD startups including Appointuit, Australia’s first mobile app for booking a doctor’s appointment. The app backs onto cloud infrastructure with deep integration into the medical practices existing practice management software. He also advises Boardcave, a community driven site for surfers which allows the surfer to interact with the board shaper, customize a board and order it on-line.

Originally a software and database engineer, Mark founded, moved to Silicon Valley, raised Angel funding and successfully exited his first tech startup CVSDude/Codesion in Oct, 2010. Initially the startup offered subscription based software tools to software teams, delivered via SaaS and the cloud in a time before these ‘buzz’ words existed. He is happy to say that he achieved his primary goal which was to be strategically acquired by a larger company after nearly 10 years running it.