Sarel Gronum

Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship|BBusMan Program Leader


Sarel Gronum is a passionate lecturer, consultant and researcher. Sarel has more than 20 years lecturing experience in South Africa and Australia where he currently lectures in Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the University of Queensland Business School. Sarel is also Program Director for the Bachelor in Business Management. He actively research in the area of SME growth and performance, specifically on innovation, network practices and business model innovation. His research has been published in top-tiered journals and presented at several conferences. Sarel has also worked on a number of industry sponsored large-scale research projects for government and industry bodies. He teaches and advises corporate and public sector client organisations on innovation and entrepreneurship topics both in Australia and abroad. As former CEO of a consulting firm for more than a decade, Sarel consulted extensively, empowering client companies and entrepreneurs to develop and implement innovative commercialisation and growth strategies.