The Kick is Only as Good as the Chase

The Kick is Only as Good as the Chase

With some good fortune and seating manipulation, I managed to spend some time with Darren Lockyer recently at a launch of Mindstar new online wellness and mental health service.  For those  folk who are unaware, and apparently there are a few, Darren Lockyer would be classed as one of the world’s greatest rugby league players ever, even by those who hail from NSW…

Darren is an entirely genuine and thoughtful character. One of his passions is supporting the community, and in particular those professional athletes who struggle with the emotional ups and downs of a professional sports person’s life.  To that end, he has lent his support to Mindstar as company ambassador and you can read more about Mindstar’s launch here.


Given his interest in Mindstar, we chatted about advances in technology and in particular the opportunity new startup companies like Mindstar bring.  We talked about ideas. I advanced the concept that ideas are one thing, but somewhere, someone in the world will have already thought it before you.  It is the team and execution that will make the difference.

His immediate analogy, “In league’y terms, we would say the kick is only as good as the chase”

That phrase encapsulates the importance of team and execution perfectly.  There is no point kicking the ball down field if you don’t have the team ready and with the energy to chase it and the skill to make the tackle.

For anyone starting a sports tech accelerator, this should be framed in the entrance hall. I now have a signed napkin version of my own …

For more on Mindstar’s launch, check out here.


Bernie Woodcroft, Director, ilab accelerator

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