Diversity rules in ilab at UQ’s latest Germinate accelerator selections

Diversity rules in ilab at UQ’s latest Germinate accelerator selections

Ecogenomic healthcare, domestic violence, lifesaving swim shirts – diversity is the hallmark of ilab at UQ’s latest startup accelerator cohort.

group-1Following an intensive startup bootcamp selection weekend, ilab at UQ can now announce the 10 successful startups to participate in its ilab at UQ’s 3 month, equity free Germinate accelerator program. The successful cohort is a rich mix of students, researchers and UQ alumni founders from diverse backgrounds including engineering, business, economics and science students, post graduates, researchers and professors and alumni.

As impressive as the founder mix is the diversity of problems being tackled by the ten selected startups:

  • social enterprise improving domestic violence outcomes,
  • an aid for the visually impaired,
  • ecogenomic-based healthcare,
  • life saving swim shirts,
  • robotic education systems,
  • finance management for contractors
  • marketplaces for coaches,
  • novel online shopping aggregators,
  • augmented television; and
  • crop spray optimisation system.

ilab, now operating from UQ’s main St Lucia campus, has become a key part of the extensive list of entrepreneurial and innovation opportunities at UQ.  Founders from three of the ten selected teams have participated in UQ’s IdeaHub program earlier in 2016 where they had the opportunity to form and test their early stage ideas prior to applying to ilab.

“We have been inspired by the creativity and diversity of  startup opportunities being developed and nurtured at UQ, and these selected startups are a great example of that. To have the opportunity to apply startup approaches focused on rapid execution and customer centricity together with the game changing ideas from UQ founders is extremely rewarding.”

“We are also able to overlay ilab’s extensive network of mentors, industry and startup ecosystem connections to ensure the journey of these new UQ founders is grounded in a practical, customer centric entrepreneurial experience.”

The focus on UQ founders also allows ilab to expand its attention to include social enterprises and startups beyond typical tech.

The startup cohort selected for ilab’s 9th Germinate accelerator is:

img_04001. Sea Eagle Safety is bringing to market the first inflatable swim vest that automatically inflates when you need it.

2. Oseyeris bridges the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired, with a mission to use technology to benefit both sides of the prism of senses.

3. Feathersome  is a startup social enterprise that uplifts and promotes female leadership by publishing authentic stories with the collaboration of a grassroots and global community. They develop partnerships and invest profits into tech solutions to aid the provision of shelter and resources for women affected by violence.

alena-microba4. AccuSpray is a research-based agrochemical decision support system to enable farmers to increase profits by maximising chemical spray efficacy, whilst minimising losses associated with spray drift, such as non-target crop damage, chemical losses and statutory penalties.

5.  Microba. New linkages are being discovered almost every week between the micro-organisms living in the human body (the human microbiome) and our health.  With Microba, you can now explore, understand, and compare the function and identity of your unique microbiome to help you maximise your health.


img_06116. RAWrobotics bringing REAL robotics to classrooms everywhere with a complete platform for application driven education in robotics, coding, mathematics, and physics.

7. Wax River uses sophisticated computational algorithms to provide an unrivalled shopping experience for lovers of vinyl records.

8. Backyard Coach is mainstreaming private sports coaching by creating a marketplace connecting athletes to coaches.

finlit9. VIVI is augmenting video experience blending scene relevant information with the viewing experience whether on TV, streaming or at the movies. VIVI reveals the details for every point in time to enhance the viewing experience. The more you know, the more you see.

10. Finlit builds tools for the work of the future. Finlit makes it easy for contractors and independent traders to register a business, issue invoices, and handle their finances.


This is the 9th intensive startup accelerator run by ilab since 2012 meaning these teams will be participating in one of the most experienced startup accelerator programs in Australia.  They will be joining an ilab alumni of over 130 startup companies and their founders. ilab’s companies have raised in excess of $17m early stage capital over the past 2 years.

Please contact Bernie Woodcroft, ilab Director for further information

Phone 0402 893 117, bernie.woodcroft@ilab.com.au