Experience a life-changing journey at ilab!

Experience a life-changing journey at ilab!

Learning, growing, turning your whole life upside down, these are some of the outcomes you may experience by debuting your journey into the entrepreneurial world with ilab.

As we are gearing up to our pitch night (11 startups from our current accelerator program, on stage, presenting game-changing innovations and putting their life-changing journey on display) let us have a quick look at some of the past experiences of our founders but also interns.

Remember, we offer internships opportunities, mentoring, the Germinate accelerator program and more.

Hear from Maya, Founder of Myk’s Kefir on both her professional and personal growth,


Not everybody is ready to start a business though. Internships do offer a great opportunity to dip your toes in the startup waters.

Shalutha did just that. This is his testimony (and should we point out the fact that he is now currently part of our Germinate accelerator with the startup he is a co-founder of, Vibelabs!).

Do not wait! Get started on your own journey in the (magic?) world of entrepreneurship!

We are here and ready to help you not only start but grow and reach new heights.