How to start a business and find mentors

How to start a business and find mentors

Being one’s own boss and creating one’s own career. The dream goal, these days for a major part of the population. Whether talking startup, entrepreneurs, business or any form of venture or adventure, starting up is now a hot topic.

Within Australia and Queensland, entrepreneurship and small businesses are also growing topics of discussion – and action. With the same questions being asked as everywhere else in the world: How to start a business? How to find a mentor? Where to start?


To begin, research before starting. There is no point in launching a business offering a product or service that nobody is going to buy.

Research, analyse, empathise and understand not only the audience but also your skills, means and assets.

Then, make it easy for yourself, register for Mentor Blaze! 😉

This does actually make sense and allows to address both points of starting up and getting mentor advice.

Mentor Blaze offers a rare opportunity to meet with half a dozen seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals who have been through the journey already and are willing to help.

Entrepreneurship – or business – is all about keeping going, through the hurdles, the falls and the unexpected. Mentors do allow to avoid a few of these by not repeating mistakes that have already been done. Do seize this opportunity to learn and fall one less time!


Register quickly:


On the administrative side of starting a business, the process follows a fairly logical line of actions. It is, however, important to define the “content” or, precisely, the type of business to be registered and the impact of the different statuses.


To clarify that part, our partners HubSpot (ilab startups are eligible to HubSpot for startups) have published a nice article shedding light on the process of starting a business.


Check it out here!


The most important step in starting a business is… making the decision to start. Get going and take that first step forward!