UQ ilab Startup Intern Program Summer 2018

UQ ilab Startup Intern Program Summer 2018
ilab is UQ’s startup space and accelerator program for UQ undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and recent alumni. We offer a Summer Startup Intern program for students at The University of Queensland, over the Dec/Jan break, and provide currently enrolled students with an opportunity to intern in a startup and experience entrepreneurship in action.
This is an open intake and regardless of your course at UQ or whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student you are eligible to apply. We have a growing list of interested startups keen to host UQ students over the summer. Here are the startups we have just confirmed to participate and more are coming on board soon!
Redback Technologies: Advanced hybrid technology with battery manages and stores solar energy, which you can save for your own personal use or sell back to the grid: https://redbacktech.com/
Seeking: Graphic Designer
Parkable: At Parkable we believe that space is special. By leveraging the sharing economy we create cheap reliable parking while providing flexible, no effort income for property owners. https://parkable.com
Seeking: Property scouts, Google Research ninjas, Silver-tongued negotiators, Keyboard warriors.
Maxwell Plus: We are applying cutting-edge AI technology to complex medical data to facilitate enhanced patient and clinician communication, advanced data insights and precision disease diagnosis for global healthcare issues. https://MaxwellPlus.com
Seeking: Business Analyst
North Hem: We aim to assist online furniture retailers to increase their sales through ‘Showroom as a Service’. It allows the online furniture retailer to display their product at ‘shared commercial showroom’ at an affordable cost and on flexible terms.
Seeking: Interior designer, software development and marketing.
Neuratech: We are a nootropics & neuro-nutrition company looking to create super functional supplements to boost brain function and performance. www.neuratech.com.au
Seeking: Marketing Students
Arkava: We’re building finance and treasury software that is a delight to use! https://arkava.com
Seeking: Brand/Marketing, Software Development, Info Security
FloodMapp: FloodMapp helps businesses improve safety and reduce damages by providing predictive flood mapping and smart flood alerts. https://www.floodmapp.com/
Seeking: Multiple roles available. Digital marketing, business and sales, front end developers (html, CSS or react), back-end software developer (python, node.js, typescript, pyQGIS)
TalentVine: Talentvine is a marketplace that connects employers with specialist recruiters who bid for the opportunity to present their best talent https://www.talentvine.com.au/
Seeking: digital marketing, writing HR content, UI/UX & graphic design, SEO
MathMate: Making algebra easier to learn one interactive equation at a time. https://domathgood.com
Seeking: UX/UI, Software Developer on a new project helping blind students to do math easier.
World’s Biggest Garage Sale: World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) is a Brisbane based start-up scaling up fast! We design (and execute) solutions for the Circular Economy, a $4.5 Trillion market globally. We are For People, For Planet and Profit for Purpose. If you love to make a difference, this is the startup for you. https://worldsbiggestgaragesale.com.au/
Seeking: Doers, Dreamers and interns with a ‘can do’ Attitude. Opportunities across all areas of the business – Marketing, Business Analyst, Software Developer, Doers
Powerwells: Providing renewable energy to remote villages without electricity, via electronic waste. http://www.powerwells.org
Seeking: Marketing, Software Development, Electrical Engineering.
Heal.ed Tribe – Impact Academy: Heal.ed Tribe is a social enterprise that raises awareness around teenage mental health and gives back to teens in need. We run retreat programs and workshops within schools to help teens understand their worth and to help raise a voice to mental illness.
Seeking: Web Development and Design, Marketing and Social Media, Administration
Oseyeris: We are an award winning product design team and our internal joke is “we make products accessible to the sighted”. Our first 2 products are making noise across the globe with both the Macaron, a pro smart measuring tool, and Astreos, the first star gazing app for the blind. http://www.oseyeris.com
Seeking: software developer or industrial designer
BuyPal: Welcome to BUYPAL‚ your own Personal Buying Assistant! BuyPal bridges the gap of being able to conduct digital commerce without having your own website. It’s the world’s only cooperative collaborative platform where buyers can be sellers and sellers can be buyers. We want to make the world a better place for people like us and the millions of small and medium businesses who struggle
competing with the big end of town. https://buypal.com.au
Seeking: Marketing, Software Developer


Adieu: We’re changing how humans resolve conflict by using technology to help them come to agreements in areas that have legal and financial complexity. We’re starting with divorce and separation. www.adieu.ai

Seeking: Software developer (AI, Ruby, Python), Family law, mediation, alternative dispute resoluton
ArtLife Solutions: We are building an digital asset management and search solution based on machine-learning. https://www.mysortal.com/
Seeking: Data scientist, machine learning trainer/modeller, JavaScript developer, Python developer, Marketing and community management, Mobile developer (iOS, Android or cross platform), Web designer
Model Econ: Model Econ is an education technology startup that has the mission of improving the perception and accessibility of economics while linking topics to real data and world events. https://modelecon.com/
Seeking: Software developer
OpenRead (Impact Academy): We are an online platform that seeks to develop literacy skills in children by offering free colourful children’s storybooks.
Seeking: Marketing officers (social media junkies), writers, illustrators, translators (indigenous language speakers a plus), curators (quality control), and reviewers.
Flightsuit:  We take the work out of work travel. Flightsuit brings together all the airlines, hotels and cars you already book into one fast and simple to use workflow for all your business travel needs. https://flightsuit.com.au/
Seeking: Marketing and software developer interns
Cogniom: Cogniom was born from a moment where founder Robert Buehrig was faced with the very real possibility of losing a loved one due to a breakdown in process surrounding the administering of medication. We are a passionate team of professionals from varying backgrounds to achieve a common goal: To make a difference in the way healthcare is given.  www.cogniom.com
Seeking: UX Designer, iOS Developer, AI Developer, JSON Webservice Programmer
UH2 (Impact Academy):  UH2 is a digital platform which is streamlining the workflows for General Practitioners by screening patients in the waiting room for health conditions. http://uh2.co
Seeking: Marketing/communications, software developer/engineer, electrical engineer, medical students, business students (commercialisation strategies/sales)
Spare Harvest (Impact Academy): Spare Harvest connects people so under-utilised and unwanted food and garden resources are exchange, used and not wasted. www.spareharvest.com
Seeking: Marketing, Legal, Data, Accounting, Engagement
Aurtra:  Aurtra optimises power transformer life using IOT, complex algorithms and a customer-focussed GUI. https://aurtra.com.au
Seeking: UI designer, Technical writer, Front-end developer
Attract.ai: Attract.ai helps you engage and hire the best technical talent… biatch. http://attract.ai
Seeking: Sales/marketing
Hey Pinch:  Pinch is a Meeting Assistant that joins conference calls, records them, and extracts important points and followup actions to share with the participants. https://www.heypinch.com/
Seeking: Marketing, Software Developer
Limonata: Limonata is a social enterprise that seeks to inspire confidence in and provide comfort for women facing chronic illness. A lifestyle brand with a twist, at the heart of Limonata is a community of like-minded Australians who are approaching treatment with hope, gratitude and a little bit of sparkle. www.limonata.com.au
Seeking: Journalism/Marketing – Content Creation, Marketing – Social Media, Design – graphic/textile
ArtaZen:  Art & Wellness platform for video tuition combining skill development by artists and holistic health and mindful techniques. Creativity, brain training and art therapy methods combined with Eastern Wisdom practices to maintain mental health. www.artazen.net
Seeking: Researchers/Psychology/Ageing, Art Therapy, Video content producer, Animator, Marketing/Communications, Project Manager, Web/App developer.
Talk To Your Data:  Enable business leaders to talk to their data. We help SME’s make better business decisions through algorithms that bring their data to life.
Seeking: Software Developer, Python and/or Node.js, business analytics, data science, NLU, AI/ML.
Finding Perfect: We’ve developed a game that will help men (not only!) propose with a perfect ring AND perfect surprise. www.ringhints.com
Seeking: Digital marketing, China-entry Strategist
Safesite:  Safesite is a Gold Coast & SF venture backed insure-tech company, focusing on Safety and risk in high risk-industries like construction and mining. We have brought sophisticated mobile technology to the field worker and powerful analytics to users in the office. We are taking it to the next level with machine learning and developing insights that companies never dreamed possible to ensure that all workers go home safe. www.safesitehq.com
Seeking: Machine Learning, Data Science, Developer
Canopy Tools:  Canopy Tools is an Australian-based technology Start-up which delivers outstanding customer outcomes through intuitive consultancy-led engagement, out-of-the box platforms using deep sector knowledge and enterprise-scale technology experience. Our innovative, user-first approach enables us to solve big problems in a fast, efficient manner; while helping our customers address their pressing issues and achieve rapid transformational results for their organisations. www.canopytools.com
Seeking: Software Developers, Project Managers, Saas Sales, Customer Success and Marketing.
MOVUS:  Movus produces an IIoT FitMachine end-to-end solution allows customers to deploy Predictive Maintenance in a cost effective way for remote monitoring. https://www.movus.com.au/
Seeking: UX/UI Design Intern
Sound Off for Schools:  Sound Off for Schools delivers mindfulness education programs to young people. The program was created in response to the alarming number of young Australians suffering from mental illness. The participant’s attention is completely captured in the present moment as they hear the calming music and meditation guidance through wireless noise-cancelling headphones. www.urbanblissaustralia.com.au
Seeking: Market researcher, Communications expert, Growth strategist
Impact Academy:  Seeking: Copywriter / Content specialists; Social Marketers; Digital content videographers; Digital Marketers; Financial Modellers; Journalist students; Event coordinators; Graphic Designers; Business Analysts.

Key dates

– Applications close Monday 15th October apply:
– Shortlisting of startups will be conducted from the 16th-18th October and successful students will be contacted on the 18th and 19th with the Startup Intern Mixer being held on the 23rd of October at UQ St Lucia.
Most of the roles are unpaid and your role within a startup will be directly related to your coursework for a period of 30 days over your summer break. As part of the internship, you will be required to secure the 30 days work placement form from your faculty.
We cannot guarantee your position as startups will interview students and host an intern based on student preferences and interview and roles available are based on the demand of the startup.
**Please note unfortunately this placement is not available for students graduating this semester